Members’ interests

This is a sample of some of the members’ philatelic interests:

Belgium;    British Colonial 1937 – Independence (Mint);

Canada and Canadian Provinces;   Commonwealth (used) to 1935;

Europa;    Falkland Islands and dependencies,

France 1900 – 1980 (Mint and Fine used);    GB and British Empire QV;

GB QV, 1d Lilacs;    GB;     Germany, all areas;    Gibraltar

Italy;     Kenya (including B.E.A.);     Luxembourg;    Malta Postal History,

Netherlands;    New Zealand;     Newfoundland;     Poland;

South Africa, South West Africa, and provinces;    South America to 1950;

Spain;     Sweden;    USA;     World (mint and used) to 1933;     WWF

Thematic:    Aviation to about 1910;     Birds;     British Royal Family;

History of Aviation – Myth;    Hot Air Balloons;    Natural World;

Scouts and Guides thematic

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